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There was a time in my life when all I dreamed of for myself was to get married. I didn’t really have any major future ambitions or goals. I mean I knew I wanted to go as far as possible in my career but that was about it. As a matter of fact, I had to give a presentation about myself on my first day at a new job and one of the questions I had to answer was ‘What is one of your life ambitions?’ My answer? ‘To get married’. No joke. So when I suddenly found myself single I had to rethink my goals. It’s kind of impossible to get married with no one around to marry you see. So God began to show me stuff. He began to teach me that there is so much more to life than getting married. Whilst yes, the Bible says two are better than one, I began to learn that ‘one’ was not in any way a bad thing or some form of disease!

So many singles and young people today are just like I was. They spend most of their single years waiting for that Mr / Mrs Right to come along, that they miss the treasures that are to be found during this period. These treasures can come in a variety of ways; amazing friendships, wonderful life experiences, fulfilling service to God in ministry, just to name a few. Many of us don’t ever sit and wonder if God actually has something in mind for us to do; you know, a plan or a purpose. The truth is that if you believe He created you, it means that He created you for a purpose. God doesn’t do things just for the sake of it. If He created you for a purpose, then you’d better start discovering it because chances are your single years will probably be the best time for you to serve God unreservedly. Husbands and wives and kids take up a lot of one’s time you know.

Even the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12 v 1; ‘Remember your creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come... (TNIV) If God chooses to bless you with the gift of marriage, it means a time will come when you won’t be able to serve Him in the capacity that you’re able to now that you’re single. So what are you doing with your life as a single person? When I was single I used to think to myself that I didn’t want to wake up one day as a married woman and wonder what I did during my single years, or remember that I spent all my single years pining for a husband. To me, that would've been a tragedy. Especially as I was told that marriage was not always the land flowing with milk and honey like most of us would like to believe. 

After a certain relationship ended, I started to seek God about my purpose(s) and it became clear to me that He had so much in mind for me to get on with, and so much that He’d deposited within me to enable me fulfill whatever ministry He was calling me into. The truth is that you can’t really live the abundant life Christ promises if you’re not living a life of purpose, and accomplishing the work for which He created you. So, my advice to singles is this; stop seeing yourself as just a marital status- single or married- see yourself as the person God created you to be- whole and complete. Seek His purpose for your life and start working at fulfilling it. When you do that, all things (including the right man / woman) will be added to you (Matthew 6 v 33).

Single with a difference...

I don’t just exist; I live

For there’s so much within me, so much that I need to give


I’m not just a youth; I’m a light to my generation

A youth on a mission, taking God’s word to all the nations

I’m not just a woman; I’m a woman of destiny, a woman of purpose

Created unto good works for Him that didn’t just die, but also rose

I’m not just waiting to get married; for Mr Right to put a ring on it

I’m already betrothed, to the One in whom I’m truly made complete

I’m not just a single; that label does not define me

I’m a single with a difference; exploring the fullness of who God made me to be.

Copyright Urenna Kiwanuka (this article was edited from the original article first posted on 'A day in God's will'.

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