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A prayer for my marriage

Happy Couple

Lord, I thank you for my spouse. I thank you for giving me my heart’s desire when I met him, and we decided to get married. Thank you for seeing us through the ups and downs of this past year. Thank you that you were with us every step of the way.

I pray for my spouse, that you will bless him, and keep him, that you will make your face shine upon him, and be gracious to him. I pray that you would turn your face towards him, and give him peace. I pray that you will bless the work of his hands, and that he will prosper in all he does.


I pray that he will take on the role of husband, and head of the home, like you have called him to, and not shy away from his responsibilities.

I pray that as we enter this new year, we will grow in our love and affection for one another. That we would use our words to bless each other and not curse or aggravate one another. I pray that we will constantly remind each other that we are loved by one another, and by you.

I pray that our marriage will be blessed and be fruitful. Not just in children, but in our relationships and in ministry.

I pray that we will love each other in the same way that Christ has loved us; and that we will always put each other first, after you. I pray that when we hurt each other, we will let go of our pride and apologise, and that we will not hold grudges.

I pray that we will be patient with each other, and be kind. That we will not envy each other or be boastful. May we be humble before one another.


I pray that we will honour each other and honour our marital bed always. We will not keep secrets from each other.


Give us the grace to be selfless, and like you, to be slow to anger, abounding in love for one another.

May we always protect each other, trust each other, give each other hope, and learn to persevere through the storms of life together.

May our hopes and dreams for the future align with your hopes and dreams for us.

May we keep in step with your Holy Spirit and bring glory to you in all we do.

May we always be a blessing to the body of Christ.

In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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