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Person of Influence- Meet Olawunmi Brigue!


I am so excited for this edition’s Person of Influence. I know Olawunmi from social media; she is someone that I admire and find very inspirational. I joined a group she created- High Impact Christian Community because it was just what I was looking for at the time; a community of professional Christians that wanted to live impactful lives, full of purpose. That ministry has now morphed into S.A.L.T. I’ll leave her to explain what that is all about. I hope you enjoy the interview!

Reach and Inspire: Olawunmi, thank you so much for agreeing to be featured on this edition of Reach and Inspire magazine. Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about you?


Olawunmi: Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, Urenna. I like to describe myself as first of all a son of God because that really is the founding pillar of my identity – before I am black, female or anything else. I am also a wife, mother and a Transformational Coach dedicated to empowering Christians to access and enjoy their full inheritance in Christ.


Reach and Inspire: High Impact Christian Community. What inspired you to start that group? And why did you decide to close it?


Olawunmi: The idea of High-Impact came to me because I was looking for an avenue to showcase biblical principles in a very practical way. I wanted to get people not just excited about the Word of God, but also living victorious lives through its application. I found a lot of fulfilment in running that group, but life is in seasons and I felt strongly that it was time to upgrade my content to focus more on in-depth teaching rather than just bite-sized inspiration.


Reach and Inspire: Tell us about S.A.L.T. What does it stand for and what are you hoping it will do for people?


Olawunmi: S.A.L.T is an acronym for Super-Abundant Life Tribe. And, it represents Jesus’s reference to Christians being the salt of the earth. The vision is to create a hub for Christians where real life issues are tackled from a biblical perspective. Ultimately, the goal is still the same as what I set out to do through High-Impact; S.A.L.T is just a different expression of the same mission.


Reach and Inspire: You are obviously very passionate about empowering Christians and helping us grow. How did you discover this call of God upon your life? Have you always known this is what you wanted to do? What advice can you give to a Christian who is struggling to figure out God’s call on / purpose for their lives? Are there any practical tips you can give, or steps they can take?


Olawunmi: Well, I can tell you that I’ve not always been an obedient child. (Laughs) I think I sensed a call on my life when I was about 13 but it wasn’t until age 19 when I joined a fellowship at university that God began to expose me to that call. I didn’t go looking for it, in fact, the last thing I wanted was to be a minister. But I kind of “stumbled” into it and it grabbed hold of me. And that’s what I’ll advise anything who’s not clear about their purpose to do – in whatever season you find yourself, try to do two things: follow your deepest convictions and serve people in whatever capacity you can. This is a sure path to discovering purpose.


Reach and Inspire: The theme for this edition is ‘Waiting well’. How can Christians avoid frustration whilst waiting on God for something?


Olawunmi: One word – thanksgiving. When we’re waiting, we tend to fix our attention on what we don’t yet have and this inadvertently creates a sense of deficiency and lack of fulfilment. A better way is to maintain a consistent sense of gratitude to God for what you already have. This keeps you in an abundant frame of mind, which is perfect for receiving that breakthrough you’re expecting. Looking to be pregnant with your first child? Maintain a grateful heart for your marriage. I love the way Joyce Meyer puts it, “Enjoy where you are on the way to where you’re going.”


Reach and Inspire: I love your testimony, which you share briefly on your website ( You went from a place of shame and worthlessness to now living a victorious life that you dreamt of. How can you encourage someone today that is in a similar situation to the one you were in all those years ago, and can’t seem to find any way out?


Olawunmi: Press deeper into God. That’s what I did. There were many other enticing options that would have landed me in a far worse state, had I taken them. I literally threw myself at God’s mercy and he did exactly what he promised; he picked me up from the sinking sand and set me on a solid rock. God’s love towards us is unimaginable. He’s the only way out of hopelessness. I’d encourage you to start by listening to sermons of people that preach hope – Joel Osteen to name one. As you listen to those words painting the picture of a Father who loves you recklessly, strength will rise within you to press deeper into him.


Reach and Inspire: Transformation coaching. Speaking. Creative writing and many more. How do you juggle life as a wife, mom, entrepreneur as well as all the other ministries you sow into?


Olawunmi: (Laughs) The secret is boundaries. I have been able to create a full but stress-free life because I put proper boundaries in my life. I don’t allow my work to infringe on my family time, rest, etc. Neither do I allow my family responsibilities to hinder me from being productive at work. For example, I’ve raised my children to be very independent. The younger is 9 and I can’t remember the last time (certainly years and years) since I got involved in their getting ready for school in the morning. Get your children in a routine as quickly as possible. It’s a life saver!


Reach and Inspire: Lastly, please let us know where we can find you and how people can connect with you if they wish to.


Olawunmi: Thank you. It’s easiest to connect with me via social media or email.

Instagram: @olawunmibrigue

Facebook: Super-Abundant Life Tribe (S.A.L.T) group

LinkedIn: Olawunmi Brigue


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