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My Faith Story- Urenna Kiwanuka 

‘Religion versus relationship’

I had always gone to church as a little girl and prided myself in my Bible knowledge and in being a ‘good’ girl. I associated being a Christian with being good, but the truth is, I wasn’t loving, and deep down I was selfish and uptight, not really fun to be around. I judged people for not being like me, or good enough, and took life way too seriously. On the outside, I seemed like the perfect Christian girl, but looking back, I think I was more into Christianity as a religion than a relationship with Christ.

I gradually realised that I wasn’t happy. I didn’t have that joy that comes from knowing God intimately. I hurt the people close to me with my words and actions and I wasn’t attracting them to Christ. I knew something had to change, and one day at a Church service, God touched my life in a very special way. Over time, God began to show me through my own failings that I wasn’t perfect, but He still loved me. I slowly began to understand what it means to be saved by grace.

The Bible says that ‘all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’ (Romans 3:23). I realised that my ‘goodness’ was not what made me right with God, but Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. It didn’t matter how good I was, I could never be good enough on my own. By accepting Christ as Lord of my life, I didn’t have to worry about being good, because in Him I was perfect!

I rededicated my life to Christ and it has been the most exciting and life changing journey. The change Jesus has made in my life is evident to me and those around me. I try not to judge people anymore. I feel less pressure to be perfect, but rely on God’s grace to help me live right. I am less selfish, more considerate of people, and try to be kind to those around me. I am less easily angered, let things go more often and have real peace in my heart.

What I love most about being a Christian is having an intimate relationship with an all-loving, all powerful God. I see God as my Father. He is always there, in the good times and bad, and He is able to do anything- He has no limitations! This gives me security. Knowing that the Creator of the universe also finds pleasure in me is mind-blowing and fills me with joy. If you haven’t experienced what I’m talking about, I invite you to take a step of faith and accept this amazing gift of grace and salvation that Jesus Christ offers.

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