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Nov 2020 - Jan 2021

A New Vision


Editor’s note- A New Vision

We’re coming to the end of what has been a very interesting year, to say the least. So many people are saying ‘can 2020 end already?!’ and I understand the sentiment. So much has happened this year- political unrest in various countries, racial tensions, floods, not to mention the pandemic. Like most people, this year turned out nothing like I envisioned when I sat down in January to write my vision for 2020! But God is faithful. He has been with me through it all and I am reminded that whilst none of us could have foreseen any of this, God was well aware and is still in control.

The theme for this quarter’s edition is ‘A new vision’. As we wrap up the year 2020 and start to look towards the new year, I believe that God wants to give us a new vision for our lives and especially for the year 2021. You may have felt like 2020 beat you up and you’re just about crawling into the new year, and that’s OK. The important thing is that you’re here.  I believe God wants you to know that you can dream again, and you can dream with Him.

We are making a few changes to the format of the magazine which I will share more about in the new year. But one change I can share straightaway is that our Person of Influence feature will be changing to a new feature called ‘In the Spotlight (ITS)’. ITS is a platform we will be using to showcase inspirational ideas, stories, personalities, businesses, charities etc. If you know someone that deserves to be In the Spotlight, contact us and nominate them!

We kick off the first ITS feature with a faithful friend of Reach and Inspire, Chika Anajemba, talking about her mental health solution app, Marbl. I trust you will enjoy reading the interview.

In our love and relationships section, I share a special prayer for my marriage as we enter 2021. The prayer is completely based on Scripture and you can use this prayer for your own marriage too.

Our Bible character study looks at the life of Abraham (or Abram, as he was known as at the time) when he was called by God to a place he didn’t know. We explore what we can learn from Abram’s obedience.

Our workplace inspiration looks at 5 tips for starting a new job. It’s never easy when you’re the new person at work so if this is you, we have some ideas that you will find very helpful.

Finally, we wrap up our Single Girls guide series on the blog by talking about heartbreak. If you’ve ever been heartbroken (and most of us have), you’ll know that it can be very difficult but even if you haven’t, the article shares some tips for dealing with heartbreak so I encourage you to read it and share it with someone you think could benefit from it.

As you can see, we have a packed edition for you this quarter, and believe that God will speak to you as you peruse these pages.

None of us knows what 2021 holds for us. But we can look forward and catch a new vision with God, because He holds our future. He has already gone ahead and prepared a way for us, and He will be with us, no matter what we face.

I pray you have a safe Christmas with loved ones (where possible), and that you embrace the new vision that God has for you in 2021.

Blessings always,


Christmas Holly
Christmas Holly

Special features this quarter

Chika Anajemba.jpg

In The Spotlight

Chika Anajemba- Marbl

Read on for our interview with Chika Anajemba as she talks about her new mental health solution app, 'Marbl'.

Happy Couple

Love and Relationships

Prayer for my marriage

A Bible-based prayer for your marriage in the new year.

Mountains Meet Lake

Bible Character Study


In this Bible character study we look at some lessons we can learn from the life of Abraham.

Businesswoman with Tablet

Workplace Inspiration

5 tips for starting a new job

Check out our workplace inspiration for some great tips on starting a new job!

Woman with Coffee

Single girls guide

Dealing with heartbreak

In this final blog of our Single girls guide series, we are looking at some tips for dealing with heartbreak.


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