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Esther: Queen of Destiny 



























Read: Esther chapters 1 to 10


With drama, intrigue, romance and murder, the book of Esther tells of the near destruction of the Jewish people. It tells how a Jewish woman named Esther risked her life to save her people. Esther and her uncle lived in the land of Persia, where the Jews were in exile. After Vashti, queen of Persia, insulted her husband, the king, she was deposed, and the king began looking for a new queen. Esther was selected for her beauty, but she kept her Jewish nationality a secret. Meanwhile, a wicked man named Haman became the king's adviser and began plotting the extermination of all Jews in the empire. Esther's uncle, Mordecai, learned of the plot, and begged Esther to intervene, pleading, 'Who can say, but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?' (4:14). So Esther risked her life and approached the king about the matter. The king heard her plea, and the Jews were saved, while Haman was hanged on a gallows he had prepared for Esther's uncle. This remarkable deliverance of the Jews is celebrated by the Jewish feast of Purim. (Extract from the New Living Translation Bible, © 1997)

'Who can say, but that you have been elevated to the palace for just such a time as this?'

The book of Esther is one that I find very interesting and intriguing. I read through it again and there were some key points I want to share with you.

  • Sometimes we face situations where it may seem easier to keep quiet, think just of ourselves and save our own skin. In fact, Esther could have done just that. She was queen, after all, and the king needn't know she was a Jew. But, thankfully, Esther realised that God had taken her from being just a simpleton to royalty. She couldn't afford to play it safe and think only of herself, whilst her fellow Jews faced the possibility of death! What would you do if you were in her shoes? It's always better to speak the truth, no matter the consequences. As Christians, we can always rest assured that God will reward our faithfulness to Him.

  • Esther went from being a nobody to becoming queen. But this 'promotion' wasn't just about her. God had a purpose in it. If you're asking God for a promotion, expansion or an increase in a certain area of your life, be it career, business etc., bear in mind that the blessing is not just for you. God blesses us to be a blessing to others. 

  • God foresaw Haman's plan and put Esther in the palace at just the right time, because He was going to use her to save the Jews. I couldn't help but notice the similarities in the way God also foresaw our sin and rebellion and came up with the plan of Jesus going to the cross. God is always way ahead. You may not understand what is going on in your life at a particular point in time but God always has a plan and is steps ahead, working out all things for your good.

  • We need to be open and willing to be used by God. It must have been really scary for Esther to go to the king (in fact, anyone that went to the king without being invited was doomed to die!) But, Esther went into a period of fasting, got others to do the same then risked her life for her people. And it all ended well. God sometimes asks us to do things that we don't necessarily want to do, or that seem scary. But it is worth remembering that He is always in control. Like someone once said, 'it is mind-blowing, what God can do with a life that is fully surrendered to Him'.

  • No matter the situation you're in, if God is with you, you can face any challenge and win. 

Prayer: Father God, help me to look beyond just my physical circumstances. Give me insight into your plan for each situation I find myself in and in doing so help me to live out your purpose for my life. 

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