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Meet our very first Person of Influence, Dr. Afiniki Akanet!

We are honoured to have Dr. Afiniki Akanet on this special launch edition of Reach and Inspire magazine. Dr. Akanet is a wife, mother to two kids, medical doctor, and author of several books as well as the director of a babysitting agency (EvaSitters UK). Oh, and did I mention she also runs a charity organisation? We think this amazing woman needs recognition and we’re happy to have her as our first ever ‘Person of Influence’.

Enjoy the interview!

Reach and Inspire Mag: It’s great to have you on this special launch edition of ‘Reach and Inspire Magazine’. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you.

Afiniki: Thanks for having me – it is really an honour. My name is Afiniki Akanet and I am originally from Kaduna State, in Nigeria. Most people call me Niki, but Afiniki is the Hausa version of the Bible name Eunice, which means Victorious. I have been married for seven years and have two lovely children.


Reach and Inspire Mag: At Reach and Inspire Magazine, we believe each person is born for a purpose. What does this mean to you? Do you think you’ve discovered God’s purpose for your life?

Afiniki: I believe that there is a general eternal purpose for man, which is to please and worship God, but we all have different callings. We have been given unique personalities and different talents to fulfil special plans God has for each of us. No one is here by mistake, and discovering one’s purpose/calling is an exciting journey, which is longer for some than for others. I believe that God uses me as an encourager to inspire and build others through my experiences, talks, writing and medical practice.

Reach and Inspire Mag: You’ve just published a new book, ‘Life without coffee; choosing happiness over stress’. What inspired you to write this book?

Afiniki: Life Without Coffee was written to answer the recurring question ‘How do you do it?’. As a mother to young children, it can be difficult to do anything else, but I have been blessed to be able to write, practice medicine, run a business and a charity, while being there for my family. I wrote the book to share lessons I have learned about managing time better, keeping stress levels down and energy levels up, even without drinking coffee! It was not written to discourage people from drinking coffee, but it is great that the book helps people to live happier and more fruitful lives.

Reach and Inspire Mag: Could you give us just one tip from the book that could help make our daily lives less stressful?



Afiniki: One of the first tips I share in the book is to do with communication. It is amazing how much we can de-stress when we talk about issues. I personally find it helpful to make time daily to talk with someone, usually my husband, about my day. It may seem like a small thing, but you will be surprised how many issues could have been resolved easily if people spoke up earlier about something that was bothering them. It is also easier to ask for help when things get tough, if we develop good relationships with others at work and at home with good communication.

Reach and Inspire Mag: It sounds to me like you’re really living out your purpose. What advice do you have for our readers who may be struggling to discover or live out God’s purpose for their lives?

Afiniki: It can be hard when you feel confused and people keep talking about finding and living your purpose. Some people know from a young age what they need to do with their lives, while others spend years figuring it out. I believe the best advice for all is to choose to be happy in whatever stage you are in the journey - live out God’s greater purpose for man, which is to please Him in all you do, while you discover more of what he has for you personally. An important first step in finding your purpose is taking time to know yourself and your strengths. There are spaces for reflection at the end of each chapter to help people with this.


Reach and Inspire Mag: In between running several businesses, being a mum and working as a medical doctor, I find it hard to imagine that you have much time for anything else. What do you do to relax and have fun?

Afiniki: I actually enjoy watching movies and spending time with my family/friends. I believe that time for rest and relaxation should be a priority, if we do not want to break down. My husband and I are very protective of our rest days and family time. I usually plan fun activities and social events in my diary to keep life interesting, but my family also remind me when I get too carried away with work, so I drop everything and just spend time laughing and playing with them. Although with young children, sleep is sometimes my favourite fun activity!


Reach and Inspire Mag: Lastly, what difference has your faith in God made to your life?



Afiniki: I cannot imagine doing any of the things I do without God’s grace. I wake up every day trusting Him for better days ahead, and thanking Him for all He has done for and through me. Having a real personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ makes the tough times less scary and the good times more enjoyable. I am never alone. Having God’s love, joy and peace in my life gives me the strength to keep going, and I pray that my life continues to point many to Jesus.

Well, there you have it! We thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Dr. Akanet, and we hope you enjoyed it too. Please check out her website at, where you can find more information about what she does and other books she has written.

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